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Pitch Deck Design

A pitch deck is a brief and visually engaging presentation that summarises a business idea and highlights its market potential, value proposition, and growth strategy. It is an instrument through which a business communicates with its potential investors and other stakeholders. Make us a part of your journey and we will transform your ideas into stories that will engage your investors!

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    What Does Pitch Deck Mean?

    A pitch deck is a concise yet informative presentation, offering a comprehensive snapshot of a startup or business to stakeholders and potential investors. Typically created using PowerPoint or Keynote, it showcases essential details about the company, its unique value proposition, competitive analysis, market opportunities, financial projections, and the expertise of the team. 

    It acts as a powerful tool to communicate key aspects of the business and grab the attention of interested parties. A pitch deck is also known as ‘investor deck’, ‘business pitch’, ‘startup deck’, or ‘slide deck’.

    The Power of a Compelling Pitch Deck

    The strength of a compelling pitch deck lies in its capacity to convey information and convince your audience. The following are the benefits of a pitch deck.

    • Structured Storytelling

      A pitch deck serves as a powerful storytelling tool for entrepreneurs. It strategically outlines the core problem the business addresses, presents a unique solution, identifies the market opportunity, and articulates a clear plan for seizing it. Therefore, it enables a business to craft a compelling narrative that showcases its essence.

    • Efficient Fundraising

      The fundamental purpose of a pitch deck is to bring clarity to the minds of potential investors regarding your business idea. It provides them all the information they need before making their investment decision like business strategy, market position, financial performance metrics, etc. Therefore, a pitch deck helps in raising funds efficiently.

    • Drives Engagement

      A pitch deck contains visuals in the form of images, graphs, charts, etc. The information about your business is presented in a creative way that draws the attention of the audience. Therefore, a pitch deck helps in driving engagement.

    • Enhances Credibility

      A pitch deck contains important information regarding your business such as revenue records, market research, financial projections, etc. All this information gives confidence to the investors about your understanding of the industry and enhances the credibility of your business.

    • Roadmap for Business

      A pitch deck outlines the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the business clearly. Therefore, it serves as a roadmap for your business. Moreover, you can use it to monitor the progress of your business and sketch small business plans out of it.

    • Efficiency

      Investors and stakeholders may find it challenging to allocate sufficient time or interest in thoroughly reviewing a comprehensive business plan. In such cases, a pitch deck provides a streamlined and succinct alternative, delivering key information concisely and efficiently within a shorter timeframe.

    • Effective Call-to-Action

      A well-crafted pitch deck goes beyond the mere presentation of information. It possesses the power to ignite action, whether it be enticing investors to invest, forging partnerships, or fostering other forms of collaboration. Its purpose is to inspire and evoke the desired response from the audience, propelling them toward meaningful engagement and involvement.

    What will your Pitch Deck Contain?

    A typical pitch deck includes the following 10 elements.

    • Business Snapshot

      It is a brief introduction about your business including its name, location, industry, area of operations, etc. In addition, it includes the vision, mission, short-term as well as long-term goals and objectives of your business. Overall, it provides an overview of your business to the audience.

    • Problem Statement

      This section outlines the problem that your business addresses or the needs it is fulfilling. In addition, it will highlight the significance and impact of the problem. It proves that a particular problem exists and that your business is willing to seize the opportunity to solve the problem.

    • Market Landscape

      It provides an overview of the market regarding its total size which includes Total Addressable Market (TAM), Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM), and Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM). 

      In addition, it contains data and facts about the demand of the customers, opportunities, etc. Further, it helps the investors in analyzing whether there are growth opportunities in the market or not. 

    • Solution

      This slide presents a ray of hope that your product or service has the potential to solve the stated problem. The explanation as to how the problem will be solved needs to be laid in clear and concise manner.

    • Products

      This section describes the unique features and the potential of the products or services that your business offers. It may also include pictures of the product to give an idea to the audience about how the product looks or how it functions. 

    • Revenue and Operating Model

      This slide of a pitch deck presents your business model including revenue generation strategy, distribution channel, pricing model, etc. It helps in assuring investors that your business model is ideal to invest in.

    • Present Traction

      This section outlines the major business metrics including financials, milestones achieved, revenue records, etc. It assures the investors about the credibility and long-term solvency of the business.

    • Team

      This slide introduces the founders of your business and the supporting team members. In addition, it showcases their accomplishments and experience. When prospective investors or clients develop a favorable perception of the founders and trust in their exceptional capabilities, the path to securing funds from them becomes seamless.

    • Competitive landscape

      It identifies key competitors of your business in the market. In addition, it includes an evaluation as to how your products/services are different or better from the competitor’s product/services. Overall, this slide provides an idea to the audience regarding how your business positions itself in the market.

    • Unique Selling Proposition

      USP i.e., Unique Selling Proposition is the driving force behind the success of any business. This section highlights the unique feature of your product/ service that sets it apart from similar products/ services in the market.

    • Funding Requirements and Projections

      This slide specifies the funds that your business seeks to raise either as a startup or for further growth and development. In addition, it includes financial projections about the future performance of the business for e.g., how much a business expects to earn in the upcoming three to five years. 

      Note: This is a sample list of our pitch deck package inclusions. The customized pitch deck may vary according to the nature, market, industry, model of the business, etc.

    Our Approach for Pitch Deck Designing

    To design a pitch deck for your business, we will follow the below 4-step process.

    • Discussion with Client

      Understanding the needs and objectives of the client is the primary requirement for designing an effective pitch deck. Therefore, we will first arrange a meeting with the client to discuss the agenda and gather basic information about their business such as their vision, mission, products, business model, etc.

    • Data Collection

      In the second step, we will collect additional information pertaining to the market and industry in which the client operates. This will enable us to acquire in-depth insights into crucial aspects such as market size, competitive landscape, and future prospects within the industry.

    • Preparation of Draft Deck and Review by Client

      In the next step, we will carry out an in-depth analysis of all the information that we have collected. Based on the analysis, we will design the draft pitch deck using images, graphs, charts, etc. Once the draft is ready, we will send it to the organization for review and feedback.

    • Finalization of Pitch Deck

      After receiving feedback from the organization, we will incorporate the necessary changes. Finally, we will deliver the pitch deck to your organization.  

      With our meticulous four-step process, we strive to deliver an extraordinary pitch deck that captivates the audience, inspires action, and secures the desired results for our esteemed clients.

    How Registration Arena Will Help?

    • Team of Experts for Research and Analysis 

    • Strategic and Effective Storytelling 

    • Tailored and Professional Design 

    • Data-Driven Presentation 

    • In-depth Analysis of Business and Market Trends 

    What information do we need to design your pitch deck?

    Following is a tentative list of documents or information that are required to design a comprehensive pitch deck.

    • Business plan containing an overview of your business  

    • Profile of Business Founders 

    • Product/ service description including USP 

    • Business model 

    • Financial statements and projections 

    • Sales and marketing strategy 

    • Market research and analysis

    • Competitive analysis 

    • Funding history 

    • Milestones achieved

    • Technical documents, if any

    Infusing creativity and innovation to make your pitch stand out

    Let’s have a look at how the pitch deck of a transport service provider company will look like – 

    Note – This is a sample that gives an idea of how we will design your pitch deck. The final result may vary on a case-to-case basis.


    Does Pitch Deck need to be customized for different audiences?2023-08-30T21:26:54+05:30

    Yes, customizing your pitch deck according to the interests and expectations of specific audiences enhances its effectiveness. Most relevant aspects shall be highlighted.

    What mistakes should be avoided in a Pitch Deck?2023-08-30T21:26:01+05:30

    Technical jargon should not be used in a pitch deck. Also, potential challenges that the business might face shall not be neglected and vague information shall not be provided. A pitch deck shall be concise and focused.

    What are the types of Business Pitch?2023-08-30T21:25:03+05:30

    Broadly, business pitch are of the following 5 types – 

    • Investor Pitch 
    • Elevator Pitch 
    • Sales Pitch 
    • Product Pitch 
    • Twitter Pitch
    What do investors want to see in a Pitch Deck?2023-08-30T21:24:18+05:30

    In a pitch deck, the main focus of investors is on the problem that the business is addressing and the size of the target market. Furthermore, they are also interested in knowing about your business model and strategy.

    How long should a Pitch Deck be?2023-08-30T21:23:16+05:30

    The length of a pitch deck should range between 10-15 slides. You should remember that the idea behind a pitch deck is to convey the most important information in a concise manner.

    Should a Pitch Deck include financials?2023-08-30T21:22:11+05:30

    Yes, a pitch deck shall include financial information about the business. It gives an idea to the investors about how the business is performing. Moreover, a pitch deck should include financial projections as well about the expected future performance of the business.

    What makes a pitch effective?2023-08-30T21:20:32+05:30
    • Use of visuals such as graphs, images, charts, etc. 
    • Proper structure 
    • Focus on crucial information 
    • Facts supported by data 
    • Customized for a specific audience
    What is the purpose of a Pitch Deck?2023-08-30T21:19:19+05:30

    The primary purpose of a Pitch Deck is to convey the value and potential of a business idea to investors in an engaging manner. Therefore, the goal is to generate interest from the audience and secure support from them in the form of funding, partnerships, etc.

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