DPT 3 (Return of Deposits)2023-08-09T23:00:06+05:30

DPT-3 Form Filing

DPT-3 Form filing is done by every company to show to the government the deposits, loans and other financial advances that it has received.

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    What is DPT 3 form?

    In order to meet the short-term and long-term requirements of the company, deposits are one of the sources of finance available to the company. There are various conditions introduced for acceptance of deposits under the Companies Act 2013 read along with the Companies (Acceptance of deposits) Rules 2014 to protect the interest of depositors and to stop the malpractices by the company.

    DPT-3 is a Return of deposits that are required to be filed every year by companies to furnish information to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) about deposits and/or particulars of transactions not considered as deposits.

    Under the new rules, a company is also obliged to report transactions that are not considered deposits such as loans provided by banks/financial institutions/directors/relative of a director, any amount raised by debentures/bonds, advance from customers, security deposits, commercial papers, or any amount received from Indian or Foreign Governments or any other company, etc.

    Who is required to file DPT 3 (Return Of Deposits)?

    This form is required to be filed by the following classes of company –

    • Private limited company
    • Public limited company
    • One-person company
    • Producer Company
    • Section 8 Company
    • All other Classes of Companies are not excluded by Government.

    However, these companies are not required to File Form DPT-3:

    • Government companies
    • Banking company
    • Non-Banking Financial Company
    • Housing finance company registered with National Housing Bank.
    • Any other company as notified by Central Government under the Companies Act 2013

    What is the Purpose of the DPT-3 Form?

    • DPT-3 is a e-form which can be used for filing information on various kinds of transactions with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) such as –

    • Annual return

      Return of Deposits
      Particulars of transactions by a company not considered as deposit as per rule 2(1)(c) of the Companies (Acceptance of Deposit) Rules, 2014
      Return of Deposit as well as Particulars of transactions by a company not considered as a deposit.

    • Onetime Return

      Onetime Return for disclosure of details of outstanding money or loan received by a company but not considered as deposits in terms of rule 2(1)(c) of the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014.

      [Applicable for Every company other than the government companies that had to file a one-time return of loans not treated as deposits by the company during the period from 1st April 2014 to 22nd January 2019 within 90 days from 31st March 2019]

    Form DPT-3 Due Date for Filing

    Purpose of FormDue Date
    Return of Deposits30th June of every financial year
    Particulars of transactions by a company not considered as a deposit30th June of every financial year
    Return of Deposits and Particulars of transactions by a company not considered as a deposit30th June of every financial year
    One time return29.06.2019 (i.e. within 90 days from 31st March 2019)

    What is Included in Our Form DPT-3 Package?

    • Consultation on Applicability of return of deposits (Form DPT-3)

    • Verification of Documents and Information provided

    • Preparation and filing of form with the required attachment to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)

    • Government Fees Challan and Acknowledgement number

    Procedure for Filing DPT-3 Form (Return of Deposits)

    • Collection of required Information and Documents

      In the first step, we shall collect the required information and documents required as per the checklist. We shall verify and confirm the documents and information provided.

    • Preparing the Form DPT-3

      Once we receive the information and documents, we shall then prepare and fill-up the Form DPT-3 with the required information and attach the applicable documents.

    • Submission of form along with payment of fees

      After the form is duly filled, it shall be signed by using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and shall be submitted to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) for approval purposes after which an Acknowledgement Number (SRN) shall be generated.

    • Get approval in few days

      Once the form is successfully approved by the respective ROC, you shall receive the mail of approval within few days from the government.

    Consequences Of Non-Filing of Form DPT-3?

    • Payment of Additional Fees
      If the company fails to file the form DPT-3 within the required time period, and files after the due date, then the company shall be liable to pay the additional government fees which shall vary from 2 times to 12 times of the normal government fees.


    What is Form DPT-3?2021-09-16T13:55:27+05:30

    DPT-3 is a e-form for providing information to the Registrar of Company (ROC) about the loan or money received by the company. It is the return of deposits or Particulars of transactions not considered as deposits or both which is to be filed by every company other than government company.

    Who is required to file Form DPT-3?2021-09-16T13:54:43+05:30

    All the types of companies such as Private limited company, Public limited company, Producer company, Section 8 company, One-Person company or any other type of Companies who are accepting deposits or having any transactions which are not considered as deposits is required to file form DPT-3.

    How much time is needed for filing the form DPT-3?2021-09-16T13:54:09+05:30

    On average it takes 2-4 days for completion of filing of form DPT-3.

    What documents are required for filing of form DPT-3?2021-09-16T13:53:26+05:30

    Documents required for filing Form DPT-3 shall be as follows:

    • Latest Audited Balance sheet
    • Auditor’s certificate (wherever applicable)
    • Details of deposits, loan or amount outstanding as on end of financial year
    • Any other details as prescribed
    Do I need to be physically present during this process?2021-09-16T13:52:38+05:30

    No, the process is a completely online. All the required documents are filed electronically, so you would not need to be physically present at all. You would just need to send us scanned copies of all the required documents.

    In which cases auditor’s certificate is mandatory to be attached?2021-09-16T13:50:52+05:30

    Auditor’s certificate is mandatory only when the company has accepted deposits.

    If the company does not have any outstanding amount of loan or deposits, is NIL return of form DPT-3 required to be filed?2021-09-16T13:50:27+05:30

    No, the company does not have to file any NIL return.

    If there is no change in loans or money received by the company in the current financial year as compared to previous financial year, is form DPT-3 required to be filed?2021-09-16T13:49:50+05:30

    The period of loan or amount received is not relevant, if it is outstanding as on end date of current financial year, then it is required to reported in Form DPT-3.

    In case of filing of a one-time return, the details of outstanding loan must be of which period?2021-09-16T13:49:22+05:30

    One-time return is for the period from 1st April 2014 to 22nd January 2019. Thus, any loan which is due before 1st April 2014 and is still due in the records as on 22nd January 2019 is required to be reported.

    Our Company has taken a loan from shareholders during the financial year, do we need to file Form DPT-3?2022-06-12T11:41:12+05:30

    Yes, Loan received from shareholders is considered as deposits, so it is to be reported in form DPT-3

    Is the balance sheet required for filing Form DPT-3?2021-09-16T13:45:31+05:30

    Yes, balance sheet is required for the calculation of Net Worth in order to file Form DPT-3.

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