FSSAI Registration

FSSAI or Food License can be obtained by every person willing to undertake food-related business such as setting up hotels, restaurants , cloud kitchens, bars, catering businesses, etc.

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    FSSAI Registration

    The Government of India established the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to regulate the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import of food items, ensuring the availability of safe and healthy food for human consumption.

    It is responsible for registering and licensing the Food Business Operators (FBO) across the country and also governs the rules and regulations for running any food-related business in India.

    Therefore, every person willing to undertake food-related business has to obtain registration or license for carrying out food-related business such as setting up of hotels, restaurants, cloud kitchens, bars, catering businesses, etc. It is a 14-digit registration or license number that is printed on all food packages or products.

    You can acquire FSSAI registration or license for a period ranging anywhere from 1 year to 5 years and then renew it periodically.

    Who can apply for FSSAI Registration and Licenses?

    • Petty retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor, temporary stall, Thela, Sweets Shop
    • Tea stall, Gol Gappa/Pani puri Stall, Pakoda, Vadapav, Pav Bhaji stall, Juice Stall.
    • Fruits, Vegetable, Milk
    • Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Bars, Dining Halls
    • Dhabas, Boarding houses, Banquet halls, Home Based Canteens, Dabba Wallas, Mid-day meal canteens
    • Retailers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, and marketers of food products.
    • Transporters include refrigerated vans, wagons, milk tankers, etc.
    • All Food Manufacturing / Processing units
    • Storage units including Cold, Refrigerated, and normal warehouses.
    • Dairy Units including processing, manufacturing, packing, storing, distribution, transportation, and milk chilling units
    • Vegetable Oil Processing Units
    • Meat Processing units, Slaughtering Houses, Meat shops, Chicken Shops, Mutton Shop
    • Importers and Exporters
    • E-commerce operators, physical and cloud kitchens
    • Others

    Advantages Of FSSAI Registration

    • Avoid non-compliance

      As per Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, any person shall not commence or carry on any food business without a valid registration or license. Therefore, all food-related business providers have to obtain FSSAI registration mandatorily as per law. In case of non-compliance, the business operator may have to pay heavy penalty.

    • Increase Customer Confidence

      FSSAI Registration ensures the food products offered by owners are of specific standard, nature, and quality. Therefore, having the FSSAI registration number and FSSAI logo on the product increases confidence among the customer that the food product they are consuming is safe and of good quality.

    • Helpful in increasing sales of the business

      Being an FSSAI registered entity, it would be slightly easier for a business to collaborate with any supplier, distributor,  traders, selling agent etc. Business to Business (B2B) channel partners always prefer FSSAI registered products over unregistered products. Thus, FSSAI helps to increase sales and overall growth of the business.

    Types of FSSAI Registration and License

    • FSSAI Basic Registration – For Small FBO

      • Any FBO having an annual turnover of up to Rs. 12 lakhs per annum can obtain FSSAI Basic Registration.
      • The registration can be applied for a period ranging from 1 year to 5 years and can be renewed afterward.
      • Also, the food production capacity of units up to 100 kg/ltr per day, or carrying on milk-related business up to 500 liters of milk per day, or slaughterhouses with capacity up to 2 large animals/10 small animals/50 poultry birds per day can apply for FSSAI basic registration
    • FSSAI State License – For Medium FBO

      • Any FBO having an annual turnover between Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs. 20 crores can obtain FSSAI State License.
      • The State license can be applied for a period ranging from 1 year to 5 years and can be renewed afterward.
      • Also, food production capacity of units up to 2 MT per day, or carrying on milk-related business up to 50,000 liters of milk per day, or slaughterhouses with a capacity of up to 50 large animals/150 small animals/1000 poultry birds per day can apply for FSSAI State License.
    • FSSAI Central License – For Large FBO

      • Any FBO having an annual turnover of more than Rs. 20 crores can obtain FSSAI Central License.
      • The Central license can be applied for a period ranging from 1 year to 5 years and can be renewed afterward.
      • FBO having business in more than 2 states, Export Oriented units, and food catering services in railways, airports, seaports, etc.
      • Also, the food production capacity of units more than 2 MT per day, or carrying on milk-related business of more than 50,000 litres of milk per day, or slaughterhouses with a capacity of more than 50 large animals/150 small animals/1000 poultry birds per day can apply for FSSAI Central License.

    What does Our FSSAI Registration package includes?

    • Consultation on FSSAI registration process

    • Verification of Documents

    • Submission of Application for FSSAI Registration/License

    • FSSAI Registration Number or License Number along with Certificate

    • FSSAI Registration ID Card

    How to get FSSAI License: Procedure

    • Collection of required documents

      In the very first step, the applicant has to send us the required documents as per the checklist for FSSAI Registration and License. Then, we will verify the documents and if the documents are fine, then we would be processing the application.

    • Preparation of Application for FSSAI Registration and License

      After we receive all the required documents, we shall prepare the profile of the Food Business Operators (FBO) and proceed with an application for FSSAI Registration / License.

    • Submission of FSSAI Application with required fees

      After completing the application for registration or license, we will submit it to FSSAI and make the payment of applicable government fees. Upon successful submission, you will receive a temporary acknowledgement.

    • Get FSSAI Certificate and number within a few days

      On successful submission of FSSAI Registration, you shall receive FSSAI Registration/License Number, a Certificate along with the Id card from FSSAI Department. FSSAI Basic registration certificate shall be processed within 7-10 working days by FSSAI Department whereas State and Central License may take 60-75 working days. This also depends on the approval by government authorities.

    Documents Required for FSSAI Registration Online

    • For FSSAI Basic Registration (Turnover upto 12 lakhs)

      • Name of the Enterprises/Entity
      • Photo of Applicant/Authorised Person
      • Government issued identity card such as Aadhaar or PAN or Voter ID
      • Address proof of the premises such as utility bill or rent agreement
      • Activity to be carried out by enterprise along with the list of food products
      • In case of Company/Partnership Firm/LLP – Certificate of Incorporation/Memorandum and Articles of Association/Partnership Deed/LLP Agreement
    • For FSSAI State and Central License

      Refer our blog on FSSAI documents


    Who can apply for FSSAI registration and license?2022-06-08T10:00:32+05:30

    All classes of businesses willing to carry on food-related business can apply for FSSAI registration and license.

    Are different Licenses required to conduct a different kinds of food business activities at the same premise?2021-09-21T19:41:28+05:30

    FSSAI license is based on the premise/place of business. All kinds of food business activities which are being conducted at the same premise/place of business can be applied for under a single FSSAI license.

    My Food License was cancelled. Can I apply for a fresh License?2021-09-21T19:39:54+05:30

    After a period of 3 months from the date of cancellation under Regulation 2.1.8 (3), the Food Business Operator may make a fresh application for Registration or license to the concerned authority if all observations made in the improvement notice have been complied with.

    Whether there will be any inspection from FSSAI on my food processing units?2021-09-21T19:35:20+05:30

    Yes, Inspections can be conducted on the points of Sanitary and Hygienic Requirements as mentioned in Schedule 4 of FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011.

    Can I renew my license/Registration after expiry?2021-09-21T19:34:26+05:30

    No. you can’t renew your License or Registration if it is not renewed before the expiry of the license/registration. Once the license/registration is expired, the FBO has to apply afresh for new licenses/ registration.

    In how many days advance, renewal of license or registration can be filed?2021-09-21T19:33:52+05:30

    A License or registration renewal application can be made as early as 120 days in advance.

    Do I need to file annual return for my food business activities?2021-09-21T18:49:51+05:30

    FSSAI Licensed FBOs involved in Manufacturing (including repacking and re-labellers i.e FBOs getting their food products manufactured by third-party manufacturers) and importing of food products need to submit Annual Returns in Form D1 by 31st May of every preceding financial year. Merchant Exporter can file Quarterly annual reports through the online system.

    The production capacity of my manufacturing unit has been increased and now, I am falling under Central License. How can I update the production capacity?2021-09-21T16:57:42+05:30

    As and when the production capacity of a manufacturing unit gets changed, it shall be communicated to concerned Licensing Authorities, through License modification application. Further, if the change in production capacity leads to a change in criteria of License i.e. from State to Central, then FBO must apply for Central License and surrender State License.

    Is there any physical copy of the FSSAI Registration Certificate issued?2021-09-21T16:55:40+05:30

    No, there will no physical copy of a certificate, the FSSAI certificate will be issued in Soft copy only. The applicant may take print of the same.

    I have lost my FSSAI certificate and number, can I get a duplicate FSSAI Certificate?2021-09-21T16:55:06+05:30

    Yes, you can get a duplicate copy of the FSSAI certificate.

    Can I get FSSAI if my business is registered at my home address?2021-09-21T16:52:28+05:30

    Yes, you can get FSSAI at your residential address.

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