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Trademark Search

The trademark search process must be completed for sure before applying to register your trademark. There might be potential conflicts of the trademark you are about to register, so it is suggested that you check from the existing or registered trademark applications through the process of trademark search. The process is very simple and it can be initiated using simple steps. The few details that the user has to fill in the trademark search portal include the watermark and the class in which the good or service is included in. The class in the trademark search portal represents a set of representation where the entire list of goods and services has been classified in 45 categories, 34 for goods and the rest 11 for services.

It is important that your identity is unique and no one has a similar one. Before registering yourself as a holder of trademark, you need to make sure some important points. Trademark search is one of them. The process of trademark search should be carried our with utter accuracy before filing a trademark application to the Registrar. The process of trademark search is carried out to determine any conflict with those trademark applications that are already registered.

The Government of India helps through its official portal fetch a report for trademark search. Once you visit the official website of the trademark registration in India, you can fill out the details such as the watermark and the class under which the trademark search has to be carried on.

Trademark Search Database

trademark search

The portal for trademark registration as offered by the government of India, contains an entire database that supports the trademark search in India. The entire process of trademark registrations and the record of registered trademarks is maintained and controlled by the Controller General of Patent Designs and Trademarks.

The website offered by the above department can be used both by the professionals and non-professionals. The database consists of all the trademark applications submitted to the Registrar which can be registered, expired, objected or applied. Search of the above database helps in providing relevant information in regards to the search query.

Understanding the Trademark Search