A company is an artificial person and a separate legal entity different from its members and directors. It can enter into contracts on its own, purchase a property in its own name, can sue third parties, etc. Therefore, it has a separate identity. A Corporate Identification Number, commonly known as CIN, is a unique number that you can use to identify a company. Every company registered in India has a CIN. In this blog, we will understand the meaning of CIN and the importance of CIN for a company.  

What is a CIN?

A Corporate Identification Number or Corporate Identity Number is a 21-digit unique number or code. The Registrar of Companies (ROC) issues this code to all the companies registered in India. This code is a combination of alphabets and numbers. It is used to track information about a company. 

The ROC of the respective state issues CIN to all the registered companies whether it is One Person Company, Public Company, Private Company, Section 8 Company, Government Company or Nidhi Company. 

CIN is allotted to a company in its Certificate of Incorporation (COI). Moreover, CIN consists of important information about a company that is discussed in detail later in this blog. 

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Importance of CIN of a Company

The CIN of a company is important due to the following reasons. 

Tracking of Activities

The Registrar of Companies uses CIN to track all the activities of a company. For example, whether the company has filed required forms and returns. 

Finding Information

Anyone can use CIN to find basic information about a company like its status, year of incorporation, authorized capital, etc. 

Scroll down to learn how to obtain more information about a company using its CIN no. 

Entering into Transactions with the ROC

Whenever a company enters into any transaction with the ROC, it should provide the CIN no. of the company. Therefore, CIN is important for a company as well. 

What does the CIN of a Company Signify?

All the 21 digits of a Corporate Identification Number or CIN provide important information about a company. 

Let us decode the following sample CIN to help us understand what the CIN of a company signifies. 

[ U 54321 MH 2014 PTC 010431 ]

First Digit – Listing Status 

The first digit of CIN tells us the listing status of the company on the stock exchange. If a company is listed, its CIN starts with L. On the other hand, CIN starts with U if the company is not listed. 

Next 5 Digits – Industry Code

The following 5 digits of a CIN, all of which are numbers, signify the industry in which the company operates. There is a unique code for all the types of industries in India. 

For example, if the company is in the business of manufacturing mineral water, the industry code that will be used in its CIN is 15543. 

Next 2 Digits – State Code

The next 2 digits of a CIN are alphabets that represent the state of registration of the company. For example, if the company is registered in Maharashtra, the state code will be MH. 

Next 4 Digits – Year of Incorporation

The next 4 digits of a CIN, all of which are numbers, signify the year in which the company was incorporated. 

For example, if a company was incorporated in the year 2014, the next 4 digits of a CIN will be 2014. 

Next 3 Digits – Type of Company

The next 3 digits of a CIN are alphabets that represent the type of company. For example, for a Private Limited Company, the digits ‘PTC’ are used, for a Public Company, the digits ‘PLC’ are used, etc. 

Last 6 Digits – Company Registration Number

The last 6 digits of a CIN, all of which are numbers, signify the registration number of a company issued by the respective ROC. 

Therefore, if we decode our sample CIN U54321MH2014PTC010431, we get the following information –

  • The company is not listed on a stock exchange 
  • The code of the industry in which the company operates is 54321 
  • The company is registered in the state of Maharashtra 
  • The company was incorporated in the year 2014 
  • It is a Private Limited Company 
  • The registration number of the company is 010431 

What are the Uses of CIN?

All the companies that are registered in India shall mention CIN on the following documents – 

  • Letterhead of the company 
  • Financial Statements of the company 
  • Notices issued by the company 
  • Forms submitted to the ROC 
  • Official Publications of the company 
  • Invoices, Memos, etc. 

How to Download a CIN Certificate?

There is no need to apply separately for obtaining a CIN certificate. 

On successful registration of a company, the ROC issues the Certificate of Incorporation (COI) mentioning the CIN of a company. 

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How can you Obtain More Information About a Company using its CIN No.?

You can obtain more information about a company using its CIN no. in the following way – 

  1. Go to the website of MCA. 
  2. On the home page, click on MCA Services. 
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Master Data > View Company or LLP Master Data.
  4. Enter the CIN of the company and Captcha code, and then submit. 
  5. Detailed information about the company like its authorized capital, status, address, etc. will be displayed. 


A Corporate Identification Number or CIN is a unique identification number of a company. Therefore, a company must mention it on all its important documents. 

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