A person shall not be eligible for appointment as a director of a company, if –

  1. He is of unsound mind
  2. He is an undischarged insolvent
  3. He is adjudged insolvent/applied to be an insolvent
  4. He is convicted by court for an offence and imprisoned for at least 6 months and post imprisonment 5 years has not been elapsed.
  5. He/she has been convicted of any offence and sentenced in for a period of seven years or more, he shall not be eligible to be appointed as a director in any company.
  6. Court and tribunal has declared him disqualified for appointment of director.
  7. He has not paid any calls on shares of company held by him.
  8. He is convicted of any offence dealing with related party transaction and 5 years has not elapsed
  9. He does not have Director Identification Number (DIN) or holds a Deactivated DIN